First post of 2017? WOW!

I’m just checking in to give some insight as to why I’ve been MIA for so long.  First I’m working on moving to another host.  95 percent of what I’ve had up here does not breach any terms of agreement, but if I could move somewhere that I’m completely free in what I want to post, then that’s where I want to be.  This has made it a bit of a deterrent to post at the rate I’ve been up to this point.  However, I have not finished the transition as quickly as I’d like, and it’s become too comfortable to just keep putting everything off.  That changes starting tonight with this post.  The transfer of material is quick and easy to execute, so there is no reason to worry about posting, and then transferring later.  As far as when I will be completely finished with the transition, I’m not sure yet.  My goal is to be finished by the end of this month.  I’m also not sure how much down time(if any) will result from this.  I’ve learned a lot in the year plus, I’ve been blogging, but I’m still very new, and still learning a lot of the basics.

Even though business is slow at the moment, I have taken the time to remain busy and catch up on some things that are almost impossible to when things are busy.  Also been taking on some new things in my free time.  I’m trying to learn Spanish, and by 2018 I hope to at least be able to hold my own.  The more people I can communicate with the better, both with business, and otherwise.  I’ve recently become highly addicted to Final Fantasy 15 which has been in the works since 2006.  Not the greatest of the series, but I’ve definitely put my share of hours into it.

On a more serious note, I was recently involved in a car accident.  Luckily it only involved my car, and a metal fence, and I wasn’t hurt.  But the damage to the passenger side was immense, and may not be worth fixing.

So off the top of my head, those are the events that have lead to my disappearance for almost a month.  I will follow this up with something spanking related VERY soon!

Past Christmas Spanking Update On Sarah Gregory Spankings

I can’t find exact dates on Sarah Gregory’s Spanking videos, except for the most recent updates.  Being that this particular update was very deep in the archives I’ll assume it’s 2010 or right around there.  “Lazy Little Elves” is a GREAT spanking scene featuring Sarah Gregory and Kat St. James.

These 2 naughty little elves are supposed to be working, but instead Santa finds them hiding.  They must pay for their laziness.  Kat is found hiding by the tv, and is quicky dragged over to the couch and thrown over Santa’s lap.  She gets a sound spanking over her pants, panties, and then finally on the bare.  Sarah is hiding behind the curtain but it isn’t long before Santa spots her and gives her the same harsh punishment.  After both girls get a proper spanking, they are made to kneel on the couch to get a thrashing with an oversized candy cane.  Both their bare bottoms get a warming while they’re in a chriss chross position on the couch.  These elves will be finishing their work with very red and sore bottoms, to remind them that these are the consequences for being lazy!

















Check out this great Christmas scene, and lots more on!

Firm Hand Spanking Worth The Price Of Subscription And Then Some

Firm Hand Spanking has one steamy hot update after another and one of the best spanking video libraries on the net!  One of the recent Christmas presents Firm Hand has given us, is releasing a new series from their archives featuring Samantha Woodley.  This former face of the site, plays a naughty cheerleader who gets her cute tushy spanked in many different positions and with many different implements.  The “Cheerleader Challenge” series, adds to her already massive 240+ video archive.





Next I’d like to talk about the girl who is arguable the current face of Firm Hand Spanking.  The lovely, glamorous, stunning, Dani Daniels has done her fair share of great spanking videos.  When this vixen first became exclusive to Firm Hand Spanking she was strictly a top in her scenes.  Then she started doing scenes as a bottom, but in my opinion they had more of a playful feel to them, than a feel of real punishment.  Now she is also coming out with scenes in which her perfect bottom is receiving some harsh, and severe thrashings.  On the 21st. of this month, a video is coming out that is being advertised as “our most dramatic video ever.”  I can’t wait!













Nostalgia is the theme for Firm Hand recently.  How about the return of the “What The Dickens” series with the lovely Amelia Jane Rutherford?








And lastly how about a decades old archive of Amber Pixie Wells.  Her lovely creamy white bottom was made to be upended and spanked.  David Pierson gives her the thrashing she deserves!











Spanking In Pajamas 3

I finally have things somewhat back on track.  Of course a new problem arises.  I run basically everything (Ex: TV, Movie, Video game, etc.) through my PS4.  Now for some reason the only controller I have won’t charge.  Going to have to replace that, hopefully tomorrow.

Well now onto some naughty pajama spankings!  Find great content at Punished Brats, Real Spankings, Nothern Spankings, Claire Fonda’s Sites, Sarah Gregory’s Sites, and Shadow Lane.
































Been a Rough Week +

For starters, I run a line from my office to my apartment to get internet.  Some asshole decided to cut it.  I know it was done on purpose because it was too clean to have been done by scraping against something.  Haven’t taken the time to run a new ethernet wire yet.

On top of that, some other scumbag(or possibly the same one) stole my rear license plate.  Obviously, another very annoying hassle.






Just wanted to share, and give some insight as to why I haven’t been posting as often.  More spanking on it’s way shortly.

Results For Week 12 NFL 2016/Picks For Week 13

Last week was a great week for the line makers as there were 3 pushes.  The Spanking Zone went 6-4-3.

That brings the 2016 regular season record to 71-47-7.

All Time Regular Season Record is now 125-109-12.

Now for Week 13’s NFL Picks(AMAZING it’s week 13 already)


The Broncos visit The Jaguars.  Neither team has been very good lately.  I think the Broncos can win by a field goal, but I like that extra half point.  I’ll take The Jags +3 1/2.


Chiefs visit The Falcons.  I’ll take The Falcons -4 1/2.

The Texans visit The Packers.  Maybe last week is a sign that Rogers has finally turned it around?  I’ll take The Packers -6 1/2.

The Eagles visit The Bengals.  I don’t have a feel of this game at all.  I’ll take The Bengals -1 1/2 since they’re home.

The Lions visit The Saints.  I see this game being a high scoring game that comes down to a field goal.  I’ll take The Lions +6 1/2.

The 1 WIN 49ers are a 1 1/2 point favorite ON THE ROAD against The Bears.  The line makers must know something.  If not I’m falling right into their trap.  I’ll take The 49ers -1 1/2.

The Rams visit The Patriots.  Even with Gronk out I think the Pats win this by 2 touchdowns easy.  I’ll take The Pats -13 1/2.

The Dolphins visit The Ravens.  This is another game I have no feel for.  In this case I’ll take the points.  Give me The Dolphins +3 1/2.

The Bills visit The Raiders.  Have to take The Raiders -3.

Bucs visit The Chargers.  Both teams had impressive wins last week.  I’ll take The Bucs +3 1/2.

The Redskins visit The Cardinals.  The way The Cardinals have been playing I have to take The Redskins and the 2 1/2 points.


The Giants visit The Steelers.  The Steelers win this game making next weeks Giant’s Showdown with The Dallas Cowboys meaningless.  I’ll take The Steelers -6 1/2.


The Panthers visit The Seahawks.  I’m going to have trouble giving up 7 1/2 points against anyone the way The Seahawks have been playing lately.  I’ll take The Panthers +7 1/2.


The Colts visit The Jets.  I’ll take The Colts -2 in Luck’s return.