Jeans and Spanking 7

Before I get to some jean clad glory, I want to acknowledge that I haven’t updated in a long time.  For the few who care(if any) things have been unexpectedly popping up, and have been incredibly busy.  First work has been out of control.  One of my drivers decided to take a vacation during one of our busiest times of the year.  I’ve been working opening to closing many days.  By the time I’ve gotten home and had any computer time, all I’ve wanted to do is roll over and go to sleep.  I’ve also been very busy training a new empoyee.  A beautiful girl with just as beautiful a personality.  Also excellent work ethic.  A pleasure to work with, and has actually made going to work fun at times.

On top of all the work stuff, I’ve also had things going on in my personal life.  Most notably I’ve had to take my grandmother to doctor’s appointments.  Things have stabalized with her, and god willing it will stay that way.  I’m not going to make the mistake of making any promises, but I’m hoping to spend more time posting.

Ok now onto some photos!

Check out some great scenes on Punished Brats, Firm Hand Spankings, and Real Spankings, and Dallas Spanks Hard.


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More Cops Ambushed: Why Can’t Everyone See How Senseless This All Is?

I have to take a break from spanking material and talk about all this senseless hate, on both sides.  Cops getting killed does hit home with me, because I know so many people and have a lot of friends who are cops.  I just told one of my best and most loyal friends to get the hell out of the city, and work somewhere safer.  We both have our fingers crossed something comes along soon.

Like every profession there are some bad apples in the police force.  The good citizens in the force should denounce those who use their power for evil and hopefully force them into some other career or even put them behind bars.  The BLM should denounce those members who do nothing but cause trouble, declare their hate for whites and the police, and incite violence.  There needs to be effort on both sides.  Peace will only come along if there is some effort from both sides.  Isn’t that effort worth stopping all this bloodshed, and lives and families being ruined?