The Cane

I have always had a fascination with the cane.  Both from the perspective of a top and a bottom.  All the years of watching it online, I always imagined myself in that place and what it would feel like.  There is a real intimidation factor to the cane.

I have only been on the receiving end of the cane with one play partner.  Even being very safety conscious she got the job done.  The best way that I would describe it, is that the cane sneaks up on you.  I know the first couple of swats I’m always thinking to myself “ok I can do this, this isn’t too bad.”  But then as they add up it’s more like, “yeah, ok this is starting to really hurt” as the unpleasant sting gets stronger and stonger.  And those welts continue to get darker and add up.  I’ve only wielded the cane lightly and over clothes.  I need to get more of a comfort level with it before I try anything harder.
















Some Vanilla Thoughts/A Little Spanking Analysis

You have probably noticed I did not get my football picks in this past week.  With the holidays and other things going on time snuck up on me.  I will definitely try to finish my season strong this week, being that it’s the last week of the regular season.

Looks like I’m coming down with a cold(Can thank my sister for that).  At least it gives me an excuse to lay down in bed with my PS4 every chance I get.  I’ve been playing a lot of Batman Arkham Knight.  I have to say, so far I think Arkham City is the more fun game.  The Batmobile stuff in this game makes me want to throw my controler through the TV.  Playing some of these new games it’s obvious that they are either a lot harder, or my limited video games skills have further diminished.

Looking at my recent increase in blog views it’s obvious I’m not the only one who loves the Pixie/Sarah combination.  Far from surprising.  Here are a few more photos from punished brats.









Spanking Duos 2

Sarah Gregory and Amber Pixie Wells.  These two gorgeous spankos are just amazing together.  Once again love the contrast with a hot blonde and a hot brunette.  Unfortunately they haven’t done much work together.  Sarah is now busy with her websites, and Pixie is pursuing other things.  On top of the video work that you can find on Punished Brats they also take some amazing pictures together.  Sarah had spent a weekend with Pixie in which they went hiking.  Really gorgeous nature shots were taken.  Some of Pixie’s wedding pictures include Sarah.  You can read more about their time together at Sarah Gregory’s blog.  They seemed to be very close back then.  Enjoy!


That is one HOT slumber party!







Has to be the luckiest log in history!



PS Network Up and Running/A Few More Christmas Spankings

Late last night I finally got the network running.  Amazing how far these gaming consoles have come.  Gaming is the 4th or 5th thing I will be using this thing for.  Not surprising the Star Wars pack was the version of the PS4 I got, being that the whole world is in a Star Wars craze.  Hope everyone got everything on their list and had a great day yesterday.  A day late but here are some more Christmas spankings!


A Punished Brats Christmas Spanking!















Playstation Network

So I got a PS4 for Christmas, and I’m trying to set up my existing profile on the network.  I’m supposed to get a verification email, that just won’t come.  On twitter they say they are aware of the problem and are working on resolving it.  COME ON Sony this isn’t your first Christmas with the PS4.  How aren’t you prepared??  I’m about to put my fist through the tv.

Doctors, Specialists, More Doctors, When Does It Ever End?

This is as good a place as any to bitch right?  So the latest in my endless visits to doctors and medical issues is my eyes.  I have Keratoconus which is an irregular shape in my cornia.  My right eye is much worse than my left.  I was given the wonderful news that this is something I will have to live with forever. 

Was stuck in Montefiore all day today.  2 wating rooms, and about 5 stints combined in them.  Whether it was they were short handed or the technician was out to lunch, something kept causing delay.  I’m going to need special contacts that not everyone can fit me for.  So finding the right place that will also take my insurance is going to be a nightmare.  I did like the Doctor, which is good.