Sad day has come to the world of spanking as well

I have been following Amber Pixie Wells blog for a little more than a year.  One of the best blogs on the net.  She has such a unique and articulate style, along with being sweet and adorable.  When I tried recently to visit, there was a message in which she was saying goodbye to everyone.  Wish she at least made a goodbye post in which her loyal followers had a chance to say goodbye as well.  Oh well, I’m sure she had her reasons.  I think I speak for many when I say she and her insight will be greatly missed.




In Memory of The Legendary Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra

I am going to do something a little different today.  Being a huge fan of the Yankees and Yankees history, I have to take a moment to say some things about an all-time Yankees legend.  Sadly he passed away a couple of nights ago.  But his life is one to be celebrated.  He lived a phenominal 90 years.

You can talk about his amazing hall of fame Yankees career.  His 10 World Series Championships.  3 MVPs.  The fact that he may be the best and most clutch hitting catcher of all-time.  2 World Series appearances as a manager, 1 with each NY team.  All the Yogi-isms.  His successful business ventures.  But beyond all that, when have you ever heard anyone say a negative word about this man?  When was anything negative, ever written?  He was humble and went about his business with class and dignity.  Just always did things the right way.  Love or hate the Yankees, nobody hated Yogi Berra.  The baseball world and the real world has lost a genuinely GREAT human being.



What makes a good spanking video or story?

Everyone will have different answers to this.  I like to think I’m open minded and say there is no right or wrong answer.  For me it starts with the chemestry between the top and bottom.  How believable is the top.  Is he angry?  Disappointed?  Just a pervert who wants to get his hand on a naked bottom?  How about the bottom?  Is she a remorseless brat, who needs to be taught a lesson?  Is she remorseful and understands she deserves to be punished?  Does she argue and try to get out of it.  Can you see the humiliation in her face?   Does she seem to enjoy it?

I personally am not a big fan of playful spanking videos or stories.  I like there to be some form of a discipline element.  Portrayed dominance and submission is what does it for me.  I’d rather not see smiling, laughing, or playfulness on either side.  I like a good build up to the scene.  Also I like seeing the spanking and peeling down of the layers of clothes.  If the girl is already bare bottomed, at the start of the scene, I’m disappointed.

With stories it’s basically the same.  A good author does a good job of building up the scene where the spanking actually takes place, and is very discriptive on the emotions of both the top and bottom.  Also, with few exceptions, I’d rather not go through pages and pages of buildup before some sort of spanking takes place.  I also don’t like stories in which it starts with the girl or boy already over the tops knee.

What makes a good video or story for you?

Naughty School Girls

It’s that time of year again.  School uniforms and those naughty girls head back to class.  Skirts and bottoms of all shapes and sizes.  Have to mention my high school obsession again.


Spank me baby one more time!  What?  That’s the way I heard it.

So naughty!




Getting exactly what they deserve!




images (2)

images (3)

Last but certainly not least, the lovely, but bratty, Amber Pixie Wells!

pixie school




With the NFL season back and in full swing, lets talk about those Cheerleaders!!

I think almost every guy has had some kind of fantasy involving a cheerleader.  Spankos are no different.  The jumping up and down, the short skirt, those legs, those tight panties, that nice round bottom!  I can go on and on.  When talking about cheerleaders you have to start with those Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

dcc butt



And how naughty is this??


images (1)

With a skirt like that she definitely needs to be punished.



The lovely Amber Pixie Wells




She can also dish out a good punishment!


A couple more Naughty Cheerleaders




F/M Spanking Sites

For me nothing beats seeing a cute girl with a nice bottom, up ended and given a nice spanking.  With that said sometimes as a switch I like seeing a woman give a naughty boy exactly what he deserves.  These sites are a little harder to come by.  I’m all about scenarios, and camera work.  Of course, it helps if the woman is nice to look at.

I recently signed up for a Vixen Ladies network that includes 5 sites.  They are all good.  You can find any scenario you are looking for, and the spankings are hard!  I highly recommend these sites.






Spankable Musicians

Who can forget this naughty girl when she burst onto the scene.  Although we didn’t know just how naughty she would become.  Maybe some spankings would have kept her in line!





Britney in the diaper position?


I say these hips do lie, and need to be spanked.



I’d like to put my hands on her, in her skin tight jeans……




What artist’s bottom would you like to see shake from the impact of your hand or implement?

TV/Movie characters to spank or be spanked by

Ever watch a movie or tv show and say that girl/guy needs a spanking?  Or I’d sure like to be spanked by he/she.  I’m a male switch so I will stick with just the female characters that I’m referring to.  Daenerys Targaryen Is the first girl to come to mind.  Man would I love to pull her over my lap and give that bottom a warming.


Rachel from friends is another girl whose cute bottom needs a warming.


Or I guess i wouldn’t mind bending over and getting a proper spanking from her!


Amanda from Melrose Place was in serious need of a spanking.


This goes for any female in the Pretty Little Liars cast, but how about this very naughty girl getting what she deserves?


How about you?  What character would you like to give a proper spanking to?  Or who would you choose to give your naughty bottom a warming?

Happy Labor Day Spankings!

Well before heading home from work, I wanted to wish the community a very Happy and safe Labor Day.  I couldn’t help but think about Shadow Lane’s party this weekend.


Unfortunately it’s a party I may never get to experience for vanilla work reasons.  But for all those who are lucky enough to be there, I hope you have gotten in lots of Labor Day spanks.  Enjoy, and keep on spanking!