TV/Movie characters to spank or be spanked by

Ever watch a movie or tv show and say that girl/guy needs a spanking?  Or I’d sure like to be spanked by he/she.  I’m a male switch so I will stick with just the female characters that I’m referring to.  Daenerys Targaryen Is the first girl to come to mind.  Man would I love to pull her over my lap and give that bottom a warming.


Rachel from friends is another girl whose cute bottom needs a warming.


Or I guess i wouldn’t mind bending over and getting a proper spanking from her!


Amanda from Melrose Place was in serious need of a spanking.


This goes for any female in the Pretty Little Liars cast, but how about this very naughty girl getting what she deserves?


How about you?  What character would you like to give a proper spanking to?  Or who would you choose to give your naughty bottom a warming?

2 thoughts on “TV/Movie characters to spank or be spanked by

  1. For me I would have to say Mrs Peel (the averagers), I would love to go over her knee & get my bare bottom soundly spanked preferably with a thick soled slipper.
    On the other hand if I could spank someone it would have to be Phoebe Halliwell(charmed),having her draped over my knee getting her sexy bare bottom soundly spanked.

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  2. I have always wanted to get spanked as I never was when I was young. And the celebrity who I would love to get it from is Brooke Shields. As for who I would like to give a spanking to, there are several, but the two that I believe are most deserving are Miley Cyrus, and Ariana Grande.

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