What makes a good spanking video or story?

Everyone will have different answers to this.  I like to think I’m open minded and say there is no right or wrong answer.  For me it starts with the chemestry between the top and bottom.  How believable is the top.  Is he angry?  Disappointed?  Just a pervert who wants to get his hand on a naked bottom?  How about the bottom?  Is she a remorseless brat, who needs to be taught a lesson?  Is she remorseful and understands she deserves to be punished?  Does she argue and try to get out of it.  Can you see the humiliation in her face?   Does she seem to enjoy it?

I personally am not a big fan of playful spanking videos or stories.  I like there to be some form of a discipline element.  Portrayed dominance and submission is what does it for me.  I’d rather not see smiling, laughing, or playfulness on either side.  I like a good build up to the scene.  Also I like seeing the spanking and peeling down of the layers of clothes.  If the girl is already bare bottomed, at the start of the scene, I’m disappointed.

With stories it’s basically the same.  A good author does a good job of building up the scene where the spanking actually takes place, and is very discriptive on the emotions of both the top and bottom.  Also, with few exceptions, I’d rather not go through pages and pages of buildup before some sort of spanking takes place.  I also don’t like stories in which it starts with the girl or boy already over the tops knee.

What makes a good video or story for you?

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