In Memory of The Legendary Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra

I am going to do something a little different today.  Being a huge fan of the Yankees and Yankees history, I have to take a moment to say some things about an all-time Yankees legend.  Sadly he passed away a couple of nights ago.  But his life is one to be celebrated.  He lived a phenominal 90 years.

You can talk about his amazing hall of fame Yankees career.  His 10 World Series Championships.  3 MVPs.  The fact that he may be the best and most clutch hitting catcher of all-time.  2 World Series appearances as a manager, 1 with each NY team.  All the Yogi-isms.  His successful business ventures.  But beyond all that, when have you ever heard anyone say a negative word about this man?  When was anything negative, ever written?  He was humble and went about his business with class and dignity.  Just always did things the right way.  Love or hate the Yankees, nobody hated Yogi Berra.  The baseball world and the real world has lost a genuinely GREAT human being.



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