Random Thought/Pumped for the game tonight

I’m sure everyone out there has had a relationship go south.  Whether it’s a romantic, spanko, professional, friendship, etc.  One person may be in the wrong.  Someone may have over reacted as a result.  Or the consequences may have fit the crime 100 percent.  I guess that’s all subjective.

When someone refuses to ever talk to you again, and says it will be that way permanently, that can be a very difficult thing to hear.  Especially when the person being shut out is remorseful and still cares about the person shutting them out.  It may be a good idea to talk to others or professionals.  However, when you’re told certain things, and given certain advice, you may realize that the only person who can understand exactly what your thoughts are, is the very person shutting you out.

It can also be very frustrating when your standing in a certain community may have been strained due to the situation.  It is really unfortunate if someone’s standing in a community(spanko or otherwise) has been negatively effected due to a personal situation.  But with friendships and ones loyalties to others, I guess it’s impossible to avoid this.

As time grows closer I’m getting more and more pumped for tonight’s game.  Yankees vs KC has a real classic late 70s early 80s feel to it.  But first things, first.  They have to get it done tonight.  And it starts with this man…..


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