Baseball Playoffs Predictions

It’s that time of year again.  Baseball’s post-season.  Unfortunately the Yankees disappoint, but these playoffs should be fun.  Toronto vs. Texas I will definitely go with Toronto.  May be the best team in baseball, the way they played to end the season.  Even tho KC hasn’t played well down the stretch, I will have to take them over the Astros.  That leaves us with a KC vs Toronto ALCS.

Next is the matchup with as much pitching as you could possibly have.  The New York Mets vs. the Los Angeles Dodgers.  On the LA side you have Kershaw and Greinke making starts, and for the Mets you have Harvey, Degrom, and Syndergaard.  That is 5 combined top notch starting pitchers.  I give the Mets lineup a slight edge.  However, I have to go with LA and their 2 aces.  Jake Arrieta has without question been the best pitcher in baseball, and I think he and the Cubs will take care of the St. Louis Cardinals.  Hard to ever bet against the Cardinals with their track record, but I think the Cubs have some magic this year.  That will set up an NLCS of The LA Dodgers vs.The Chicago Cubs.

Toronto will take care of KC and get to their first World Series since 93.  The Cubs who haven’t won a World Series since 1908 will have to wait at least one more year as my pick is the LA Dodgers to get to the series.  This sets up what should be a very exciting World Series.  Toronto’s high powered offense vs, the LA pitching.  Of course my pick is Don Mattingly and the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Donnie Baseball(an old Yankees legend), will finally get his ring as a manager.



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