Sports and Domestic Violence

As a big time Dallas Cowboys fan I find myself torn.  Their best wide reciever Dez Bryant was arrested for grabbinig his mother by the hair and hitting her.  HIS MOTHER.  Now coming off suspension is another sweet heart, Greg Hardy.  If you ever read the specifics of what this guy did to his girlfriend it had to make you absolutely sick.  Like most sports fans, I got into the season, and was happy that the team I root for was getting some help defensively and hopefully would be able to bring a much improved pass rush.  Then I hear about these latest comments.

“I hope I come out guns blazing,”

“I love seeing Tom Brady, he’s cool as crap,” Hardy said. “Have you seen his wife? I hope she comes to the game. I hope her sister comes to the game, all her friends come to the game. One of my favorite games of the year, guys.”

Is this guy kidding?  He should not be talking about guns, or any woman.  Jerry Jones quote was also embarrassing.

“Well, you’re not allowed to have guns on the football field. We all know that’s just a way of expressing yourself. I hope his guns are ablazin’,”

As a big time Cowboys fan I still have to say if Jerry had any guts or class at all, he’d cut this guy immediately.

Anyway, being that I’m not Hardy, I will say I wonder if Tom Brady ever Spanks Giselle when she’s naughty.

I guess this is close enough.






That is a butt that needs a spanking!

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