Finally some good news, kind of

So a couple of months ago I drove down to NO for a Bachelor party(lots of hazing and spanking for the groom to be).  As most know Virginia troopers are the root of all evil.  Not just because I’m bitter I got pulled over, but the way they’ve treated NYPD cop friends of mine.  Also stories about how they treat out of state cops in general.  So anyway I can’t remember the exact speed, but it was in the 80s in a 70 zone.  In Virginia anything over 80 is reckless driving.  Absolutely ridiculous.  You’d have to be going over 90 in NY and even then there’s no guarantee.  So after spending 500 on a lawyer I got it pleaded down to some 3 point infraction that won’t even show up on my license.  Fine will be another $311.  Sure beats a misdemeanor, 6 points and whatever fine that would have come with it.  2 words to keep in mind whenever driving in Virginia, CRUISE CONTROL.

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