Wedding fun, drama, tight dresses, etc.

This past Sunday I mentioned I went to a wedding.  Not sure if anyone can relate, but over the years I’ve had people get married that I was shocked I wasn’t invited to their wedding, and then others that I was invited to that I was pleasantly surprised.  This particular wedding was the latter.  Not that we didn’t get along, and hang out at times, but I always thought we were kind of friends of friends.  We have known each other since 3rd grade which means we’ve known each other for decades.

This event makes me wonder if people ever grow out of the peer pressuring other people to drink alcohol phase.  With all the driving I had ahead of me, I wished to stick with soda and water.  Some people just can’t accept that.  One other annoyance(but at least this is understandable) is people always trying to drag you out on the dance floor.  My whole life I’ve been uncomfortable on a dance floor.  A 100 stroke thrashing with a switch is more appealing to me than being on a dance floor.

I’m more of a hang out on the side and catch up with people I hardly ever see kind of guy.  This was a mini high school reunion of sorts.  It’s amazing how you can go years without seeing people and yet the inside jokes and conversing comes along like you had just seen them yesterday.  It was very reassuring to realize that life just takes people in different directions and it has nothing to do with friendship fading or the way people feel about you changing.

I had missed out on a fantasy draft back in August due to my head being in the clouds for lots of reasons.  I let 11 guys down because of this and unfortunately was replaced in another league I was supposed to be in.  When I had explained to a friend of mine how rough things had been for me, both work wise, and personally, he interrupted and said, “Don’t even worry about it.  You do what you need to do, it’s only fantasy football”

To me that wasn’t the point.  I had an obligation to the league to be there.  But the instant forgiveness and reassurance meant a lot.  Hopefully this is the start of getting my social life more active again, as well.

After the wedding most of us went to a bar in the hotel to watch the end of the Sunday night game and continue catching up.  Of course when ever alcohol is involved stupid drunken drama breaks out, and fights over the dumbest things start.  Another thing that it seems people never get too old for.  Luckily nothing too serious went down.

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