Drama and holding grudges/Perfect baseball predictions so far?

Have to take a moment to talk about drama.  Unfortunately it exists everywhere.  Both in the vanilla world and world of spanking.  I’ve always thought that everyone should at the very least know how to be civil with people.  Barring someone doing something really terrible to someone else.

Then there are those who claim to hate drama, but will hold onto a grudge.  Obviously not everyone is going to like a particular person.  And feelings towards someone can change over time for a variety of reasons.  But it’s horrible when it gets to the point where people need to take sides.  Again there will always be loyalties and priorities, but in a public setting everyone should at least be able to be civil with each other.  Especially if the situation is between 2 people.  Others should not have to be put in a position to choose.

Also everyone makes mistakes.  No one is perfect.  But to see things get blown out of proportion and exaggerated is not necessary.  To act like someone is worse than they really are because of mistakes he/she has made is not right.  I also will never be able to understand people who can throw around the words forever, never, permanent, etc. so easily.  Who knows how things can change in the future.  Who really knows what someones thoughts about a situation might be down the road.  Again, I’m saying this barring, something really horrible and damaging being done to someone.

On a baseball note, I’m a Dodger’s victory away from calling all the playoff series perfect thus far.  I give LA a slight edge being that they have the more experienced starter going and they are home.  Either way this should be a very good low scoring game.

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