Honesty and telling the truth/spanking positions

Truly honest people are this way whether it benefits them or not.  Their own convenience does not come into play.  I’ve recently found myself feeling like I’m too honest.  Really there’s no such thing.  I’m not talking about blabbing out nasty or rude things to people just because you feel that way.  For example if you think someone looks fat in that outfit, or you hate a particular race, that is something that should be kept to yourself.

However, evading the truth just to save face, or get what you want more easily is another matter.  I’ve lost friendships because I wasn’t capable of lying.  I’ve self incriminated.  For the most part it ends well tho.  Most of the time people appreciate your honesty especially if you’re truly remorseful.

Others have taken a different route.  They say what ever they have to, to get what they want.  They will falsely destroy someones character.  To me this can be beneficial to someone in the short term.  But sooner or later it always catches up with that person.

As promised I wanted to include a spanking post with a theme.  A little late, but at least I was able to fit it in.  As a top, what is your favorite position for spanking?

It always starts with classic OTK.  Comfortable for the top and easy access to the bottom.  Great for hand spanking.





Another favorite of mine is the Tucked-Under-The-Arm Position.  Good control, easy access to the bottom, and makes the girl being punished feel so naughty and childish.  Unfortunately it’s harder to find good photos of this position.

Jack Nance spanks girl in unknown spanking movie






Another great position for spanking is the many forms of being bent over.  Whether its hands on knees, touching toes, or bending over something.






Last position for this post is the diaper position.  Not one of my favorites but I do like it for the humiliation factor and how exposed the punished girl is.




diaper position1

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