First blog viewer from Singapore?/Bad news good news

Yesterday someone from Singapore came across my blog.  Isn’t any kind of porn illegal there?  Which I find strange because if I remember right brothels are legal there.

Ever hear from multiple sources that someone “wishes you well” but due to the situation it just makes you feel worse.  It may have been someone you viewed as a friend that you can trust, and cared about who abandoned you completely.  So what it translates to is, “have a nice life, but stay the hell out of mine”

On a brighter note it looks as if my thinking that my standing with a group of people was on the rocks, couldn’t be further from the truth.  Just a lot of misunderstanding involved.  This once again goes back to why face to face person to person dialogue is always best.  There could be no misunderstanding that way.

Also I may have found a great local connection among this great community.  Was completely unexpected, and probably the nicest thing that’s happened in quite a while.

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