The Spanking Zone’s football picks

I plan on doing this every Friday of the NFL regular season.  Maybe I will pick Thursday’s game on Wednesday, but no promises.  A little late with this one.  Lets see exactly how awful I am at picking these games.

The Bills are favored by 4 1/2 as they visit Jacksonville.  Bills have been up and down all year but I don’t see Jax being able to handle that Bills pass rush and whatever scheme Rex Ryan comes up with for this game.  I’ll take the Bills -4 1/2.

The Rams are favored by 7 points at home against the Browns.  Neither team has been very good, but the Rams are home, and they should have no trouble running the ball against Cleveland who is ranked dead last against the run.  I’ll take the Rams -6 1/2.

It’s amazing that the 1-5 Chiefs are favored against anybody, but they are a 1 point favorite at home against Pitt.  I agree with the oddsmakers.  With Roehtlisberger questionable for this game, look for the Chiefs to get their first home win of the season.  I’m taking the The Chiefs -1.

The dolphins are 4 point favorites at home against Houston.  Even if the Dolphins win this game, I can’t see it being by more than a fieldgoal.  I’ll take Houston +4.

The New York Jets are getting 8 points as they visit NE to face The Patriots.  NE should be favored as they are undefeated and are home.  But I think this is the best defense NE has seen thus far.  I see the Jets keeping this game close, despite being average at best at QB, and possibly even pulling off the big upset.  I’ll take The Jets +8 1/2.

The Lions got their first win at home against the Bears last week, and I expect them to follow that up with their second win at home against the Vikings.  I’ll take The Lions +1 1/2.

Falcons are off to a sizzling 5-1 start this year.  I expect them to have no trouble going into Tennessee and beating the Titans.  I see them winning by at least a touchdown.  I’ll take The Falcons -6.

Colts are at home and are 4 1/2 point favorites against the Saints.  With Luck back I expect The Colts to get on a roll now, and have no problems beating The Saints.  I’ll take The Colts -4 1/2.

I’ll take The Chargers -4 against the Raiders.

I’m obviously bias with this one.  Both teams come limping in as The Dallas Cowboys visit the New York Giants.  I think Dallas will do just enough to win a close game.  I’ll take The Dallas Cowboys +3 1/2.

Panthers are home against the very disappointing Eagles.  I’ll take The Panther -3.

Monday night Baltimore visits The Arizona Cardinals.  I expect the Cardinals to win but 9 is just too many points for me to lay.  I’ll take The Ravens +9.

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