Jesse Ventura 2

This whole thing with Chris Kyle really annoys me.  Now they are looking to appeal the defamation money that Jesse was rightfully awarded.  Do people realize how hard it is to prove a defamation case?  Jesse had to have overwhelming evidence.  Can somebody explain to me how a man on blood thinners had no marks on his face in pictures that were taken around the time the supposed incident happened?  Can someone tell me why there is not one Navy Seal Soldier that was able to testify that the incident happened?

I won’t argue as to whether or not Chris Kyle is a hero.  In this case he defamed someone to increase his book sales.  The mainstream media who is attacking Jesse and acting like he is going after the widow of a Navy Seal also doesn’t have a clue.  Jesse sued Chris Kyle over this lie while he was alive.  He got killed and by law he now has to sue the estate.  Because Kyle got killed he should no longer try to clear his name?  He should have allowed that fabricated story to be used in the movie too?  Which by the way, I have not seen, and have no plans of seeing it.  Also all of Mrs. Kyle’s legal fees are going to be paid by insurance.  Jesse is paying to clear his name out of pocket.

I can relate with too many people telling you “do the right thing” without really looking at the big picture.  Jesse had every right to clear his name.  And I respect someone who values the truth.  Can the main stream media report the facts and stop distorting everything?  Love how they will constantly have people on to bash Ventura, but don’t have the guts to let him come on.

I’m not sure about this guys conspiracy theory, but for the most part this is someone who gets it.

The man himself.  “If seeking the truth damages you, we live in a sorry world.”

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