Jesse Ventura 2

This whole thing with Chris Kyle really annoys me.  Now they are looking to appeal the defamation money that Jesse was rightfully awarded.  Do people realize how hard it is to prove a defamation case?  Jesse had to have overwhelming evidence.  Can somebody explain to me how a man on blood thinners had no marks on his face in pictures that were taken around the time the supposed incident happened?  Can someone tell me why there is not one Navy Seal Soldier that was able to testify that the incident happened?

I won’t argue as to whether or not Chris Kyle is a hero.  In this case he defamed someone to increase his book sales.  The mainstream media who is attacking Jesse and acting like he is going after the widow of a Navy Seal also doesn’t have a clue.  Jesse sued Chris Kyle over this lie while he was alive.  He got killed and by law he now has to sue the estate.  Because Kyle got killed he should no longer try to clear his name?  He should have allowed that fabricated story to be used in the movie too?  Which by the way, I have not seen, and have no plans of seeing it.  Also all of Mrs. Kyle’s legal fees are going to be paid by insurance.  Jesse is paying to clear his name out of pocket.

I can relate with too many people telling you “do the right thing” without really looking at the big picture.  Jesse had every right to clear his name.  And I respect someone who values the truth.  Can the main stream media report the facts and stop distorting everything?  Love how they will constantly have people on to bash Ventura, but don’t have the guts to let him come on.

I’m not sure about this guys conspiracy theory, but for the most part this is someone who gets it.

The man himself.  “If seeking the truth damages you, we live in a sorry world.”

Ever badly want to get your mind off something, but the reminders just keep coming?

The state I am in and continue to be in.  Today for example:  A Taylor Swift song, that stupid played out(needs to go away) Uptown Funk song, passing a Taco Bell, a belt I randomly found off to the side, a Lotto delivery, another blog, a certain implement on screen, an email from some crook, who thinks he’s going to get more money out of me, and coming across an EZ Pass statement, all reminded me of said thought.  Yeah, not fun.

Fall Spankings

I’ve never been a big fan of the fall.  To me it symbolizes whether getting colder, the end of baseball, and the dreaded winter near by.  Luckily I have the NFL, and NBA to help get me through those 2 seasons.  I have to admit tho, I can’t argue with how nice some of this scenery is.


Hard to find any fall spankings, and I don’t have too much time to look.  So I’ll just put up some outdoor spankings.







Monday Night Football/Another thank you to

Going out for the first time in forever, to watch the game.  Don’t really care about this game at all, but it will give me a chance to catch up with a vanilla friend I haven’t seen in a while.  Really don’t feel well at all, but I’m going to try to tough it out.  This ends a horrible football week, both with the result for the team I root for, and my DREADFUL picks.

Have to say thank you again to bottomsmarts for increasing my views by a lot.  Broke my previous record again.

My 15+ year journey with spanking on the internet and how things have changed

Was thinking recently about when I first started looking at things that have to do with spanking online.  Must have been late 90s or 2000 the latest.  The first site I ever signed up for was a site ran by Jennifer Brooks which is not around anymore(



EDIT: The photo below is a Shadow Lane Scene called Blue Denim.  Not a Video from Brook’s old site.


I remember it was $50 for a VHS tape, and the streaming per minute prices were insane.  I guess the lack of competition back then really helped.

I just looked to make sure and was surprised to see that 2 of the other sites I first got into are still around. and







Then a little later I remember browsing sites such as,,, and shortly after coming across  It was around this time I started getting into and following certain individual stars.

Paris Kennedy



Christina Carter


OhhTeeKay - Harley Girl Gets Spanked - Christina Carter _003


Samantha Woodley




Michaela McGowen





I remember the first site I got into that combined both spanking and sex is  This site is still around but hasn’t updated for years.




Also spent some time really being into and a lot of their sister sites.

For years I kind of lost interest.  Still would look at some spanking related stuff, but no where near as much as I had been.  Then a little more than a year ago, I got into it big time again.

Main thing that made my interest grow again is I discovered the Amber Pixie Wells Phenomanon.  I know, very late to the party on that one.  I have to say that on top of being super cute, and having an incredibly nice bottom, her range is probably the best in the business.  She can pull off the naughty bratty school girl in one scene, and just as easily pull off the hot no nonsense disciplinarian the next one.  As a fellow switch I admire this about her.



So yeah a lot has changed.  I knew nobody in the scene back when I first started browsing the topic on the net, now I know a lot of great people in the scene.  Many more sites out there.  Prices are way more affordable.  Video quality is superior.  Seems there are less good forums around, and it’s more about finding the right blog.  I even have a blog now, which if you would have told me that even 6 months ago I wouldn’t have believed you.  Lots of models have gotten into the business and retired in that time frame.  Currently I browse, and  There are many good choices out there today.