James Deen Accusations

I’m only mentioning this here because I promoted a scene on Sex and Submission involving Dani Daniels and James Deen, in a post a couple of days ago.  I had no idea about these accusations.  Don’t want any backlash from people saying that I’m promoting a rapist, or someone who beats women.

I like to always believe that someone is innocent until proven guilty.  I also found these accusations coming out via twitter very strange. However, it seems someone else is coming out with something every hour.  Doesn’t look good for him.  Here’s an excellent article from former porn star, Aurora Snow.



L.A.P. Productions

I’m sure most spankos are aware of the videos that Amber Pixie Wells and Lily Anna made for their company L.A.P. Productions.  Unfortunately it wasn’t around long.  Recently I was lucky enough to find a way to get quite a few of their videos.  “My Summer with Aunt Mellissa” and “Family Discipline” to name a couple.  Both are over an hour long, and both are EXCELLENT!  I’m so glad I found them.  What made this company even better is, it raised money for Cause for Paws, an animal charity.  On top of being famous spankos, both girls are also known for the work they have done for animal charities.


They have so many photos together.  Here are a few of my favorites.







th (17)





Here are a couple I have found from L.A.P. Productions.  I hope to continue to find more of their videos.













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A Minute To Vent About Common Sense

  1.  Person A confesses something.  Person B completely overreacts.  Person A gets extremely agitated.  Person B retracts, and confesses to jumping the gun numerous times.  Says “we’ll work this out” numerous times, among other things, that I won’t type out now.  Person A calms down, takes the scolding, and allows them self to do a ridiculous amount of traveling and planning for NOTHING.  Person B sees that person A has calmed down and the demeanor gets nasty and angry again.  For instance Person A almost closes a door that would have locked, and Person B screams at Person A.  Mind you another key was maybe 50 feet away, tops.  Not exactly the end of the world if the door did close.  So person A now believes that whatever person B needed to say to get rid of person A, was said.  No truth behind any of it.  Nothing else is logical really.
  2. If person A already knows that Person B and person they live with has completely opposite schedules, why would person A need to inquire about schedules to know when person B was home alone?  I can’t grasp that one.  Also all person B needed to do was have someone check the cameras to see that their theory was impossible.
  3. When person A says they are upfront and out there, they are talking about content in numerous emails mentioning their intentions.  Also they have reachable email addresses, phone numbers, etc., if needed to be reached and asked a question.  Person B can not claim the same.
  4. Person B likes to preach privacy.  Yet had no trouble being the first to involve other people in the situation.  Also saying repeatedly they didn’t talk to anyone about their business.  Yet also said that EVERYONE advised them against what person A really wanted.  So the obvious question is, which is it??
  5. If person B tells person C, D, E and F things, and then one or more of those people do things to damage person A, who’s responsible??  I know I have my opinion.
  6. Person A has things they want to discuss directly with person B.  They have no way of doing that.  At least no way that he chooses to explore at the moment.  Kind of hard to keep things between just the 2 under those circumstances.  If person A can get any relief from the constant mind spinning, by typing this out, that’s exactly what they will do.
  7. Person B wants to preach consequences, like person A is a child, who doesn’t grasp the concept.  Well person A believes there are consequences for throwing someone away like they are trash, when they would have run through a brick wall for person B.  Person A will continue to believe that.
  8. OK, rant over.  Back to spanking shortly.

More Dani Daniels

Browsing the stats of my blog, I’ve noticed that the one photo of her I posted has been viewed the most, and second place isn’t even close.  This surprises me, because I think of her as more of a porn star than a spanko.  However I can’t argue that she loves to spank/be spanked, has curves in all the right places, and is absolutely gorgeous.  So I’ve decided to listen to my viewers(or in this case pay attention to my viewers) and do a post about her.

My first memory of her was watching a video of her doing a lesbian scene with that cutie Lily Carter.  She was only doing lesbian scenes at that time.  Now she does hardcore, and more with guys.  I believe she is still yet to do an anal scene with a guy.  I do believe that on Kink.com she’s done anal play with women.  I’ve also come across a lesbian scene with she and Anikka Albrite, in which she gives Anikka a hard spanking with multiple implements.  How much perfect ass can you have in one scene?!?

Just amazing.  What a duo.



This is one of my favorite scene with her.  It’s a scene with Sex and Submission on Kink.com.  You  can watch the preview on the link above.  Only thing is this scene is more than just spanking, so if you’re used to only seeing the normally playful Dani Daniels, and don’t like a full out NC fantasy scene, then stay away.


A few months ago I noticed she was topping with Firmhandspanking.  I know she’s been there a lot longer than that, but I hadn’t visited the site in a while.  I really wanted to see her bottom more than anything else.  Recently she did her first scene there as a bottom.  As soon as I saw that I signed up myself.  Not sure how many scenes she’s going to do, but just recently a scene came out where she gets spanked in the wheel barrow position!  Just glorious seeing that bottom spanked red.


A strict no nonsense Dani Daniels:


(With Belinda Lawson there.  So hot.  Has done may Scenes with Firmhand.)










A topless Dani going to work on Belinda!


A NUDE Dani going to work with the paddle.  That ass is begging for a spanking of it’s own.



images (1)


Ok, now what I believe most of you want to really see!



Are there words for this??  Just amazing!







I didn’t realize until recently that she worked with Chelsea Pfeiffer a while back.  Have to check out those scenes as well.  You can tell Chelsea doesn’t fool around!




Looks to me like she’s having a smart mouth with Chelsea there.  May not be a good idea.


Well there you go!  No shortage of Dani this time.  I’m sure I will be posting more of her in the future.




Thanksgiving started off glorious.  Nice relaxing day.  Eagles got smacked around by the Lions.  A nice dinner was put on the table.  Then The Dallas Cowboys game started.  Tony Romo and the Cowboys made sure to shit all over what was previously a great holiday.  And to add insult to injury Romo is hurt AGAIN!  I’m thinking they didn’t give the collar bone enough time to heal.

The only positive is as always The Cowboys did a classy half-time show as this was the 19th consecutive year they have teamed up with the salvation army.  Luke Bryan performed.








ARLINGTON, TX – NOVEMBER 26: Singer Luke Bryan performs during halftime of the Thanksgiving Day game between the Carolina Panthers and the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium on November 26, 2015 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)


Thanksgivng Day NFL Picks

Big day of football this Thanksgiving!  Lets see if I can get week 12 off to a good start.

Eagles visit The Lions.  You never know what you will get from the Eagles week to week.  And lately they have been horrible.  Lions are playing better football, and they are home.  I’ll take The Lions -3.

The undefeated Carolina Panthers visit The Dallas Cowboys.  Panthers are undefeated and yet are still underdogs to the 3-7 Cowboys.  Why?  The re-energized Dallas Cowboys have their starting QB back.  I expect Romo to have a big game.  I’ll take The Dallas Cowboys -1.

The Chicago Bears visit The Greenbay Packers.  The Packers finally got it together last week against the Vikings.  But their defense is not anything special, and I think Cutler is going to have a good game.  I don’t necessarily think The Bears will win, but 9 is a lot of points.  I’ll take The Bears +9.

Best of The Spanking Zone/Post #100

I know it’s a little early to do a best of post, being that this blog is only 3 1/2 months old.  However since this is the 100th post, I wanted to do something a little different and hopefully memorable.  I don’t think enough people follow this blog to do a poll or something so I’m just going to pick my top 5.

2 things I’m looking for when choosing a post.  1, it obviously has to be spanking related.  Second, it has to be one that I felt called for a little more work than others.  So here they are.


5.  Have to go with the cheerleaders post here.  Who doesn’t fantasize about taking a bubbly cheerleader, and flipping up that skirt, taking down those panties, and giving her a hard spanking??  Has to  be a dream scenario of at least most tops/switches.

dcc butt


4.  Going with “Winter is Coming”  Warmed me up on a very chili night in which I was have very chili thoughts.




3.  Jeans and Spankings!  Love tight Jeans.  So sexy!  Sometimes a little left to the imagination is great.  And unbuttoning them and pulling them down is absolutely glorious.




2.  Spanking in wrestling.  Lots or reasons I chose this one.  Firstly it kind of mixes mainstream with spanking being that wrestling has such a big following.  Second, those girls are really hot!  Third, I was big time into it, when most of those spankings took place.  And 4, putting together that post, was the highlight of an otherwise HORRIBLE day.


giphy (2)

  1. Number 1 by a wide margin is the post I did for Jillian Keenan promoting her book.  I have so much respect and admiration for that girl.  Being so out there with her kink, and being a mainstream voice for all of us, takes so much bravery.  It’s a shame all the crap she takes being as open and honest as she is, by ignorant close minded people out there.  I hope I am at least helping sales a little for her wonderful book!