Spanking Zone’s NFL Picks Week 8

Lets see if I can do a little better than my 5-7 showing of last week.  I have some thoughts on the World Series as well which I will get to tomorrow.

The Lions visit The Chiefs.  Both teams have been bad this year, but the Lions have been worse and the Chiefs are home and on a mini roll.  I’ll take The Chiefs -3.

The Vikings visit the Bears.  I’ll take The Bears -1.

The Buccanneers visit The Falcons.  The Falcons have cooled off some and the Bucs have been playing better.  I would expect Atlanta to win, but I think the Bucs will keep it close.  I’ll take The Bucs +7.

The Giants visit the Saints.  If the Giants played a team with any kind of competent QB play last week they lose.  The Saints have really seemed to get things together.  I’ll take The Saints -3.

The 49ers visit The Rams.  8 points are just too many for me to give up in this one.  I’ll take The 49ers +8.

The Cardinals visit the Browns.  I’ll take The Cardinals -6.

The Bengels visit The Steelers.  I’ll take The Bengels in a Pickem.

The Chargers visit the ravens.  I’ll take The Ravens -3 1/2.

Titans visit the Texans.  I’ll take The Titans +4.

The New York Jets visit The Oakland Raiders.  I expect the Jets to bounce back after last week’s rough loss.  I’ll take The Jets -3.

The Seahawks visit the tumbling Dallas Cowboys.  Here comes a homer pick. I don’t necessarily think the cowboys will win but I do think they will keep this game close.  They will have Cassel play conservatively and their defense will play well.  I’ll take The Dallas Cowboys +6.

The Packers visit The Broncos.  I’ll take The Packers -3.

The Colts visit the Panthers.  I’ll take The Colts +7.

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