Bloody Sunday for NY sports/Congratulations to The KC Royals/More sports

The local sports talk station played the perfect song to describe sports in NY yesterday.  Nobody could get it done!

Giants lose a game to the Saints which looked more like a game of Madden than an actual NFL game.  3rd highest scoring game in NFL history.  The Jets get a beating from the Raiders, and in more bad news for them they may have to start their 3rd string QB with Fitzpatrick and Geno Smith both hurt.  The Mets blow yet another late inning lead against the KC Royals.  KC has just been amazingly clutch, and anytime the Mets have made a mistake KC has taken advantage.  Congratulations to the Royals for their first championship in 30 years.




In other news, good job by the Florida Gators, kicking Georgia’s ass up and down the field during the annual World’s largest outdoor cocktail party.  They are now one win against Vandy away from a trip to Atlanta for the SEC championship.

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