Swimsuit Spankings

It’s been too long since I’ve updated with a spanking post.  There are numerous reasons why, but it is time.  I’ve decide to add a sports page to this blog, in which I list some of the sites I visit.  While doing this, of course Si’s swimsuit site came to mind.  I can remember walking around the local town pool, or the beaches and seeing all those nice bottoms clad in swimsuits of all kinds.  You know at least some of those girls were naughty and deserved a spanking.  With winter about to hit(luckily the weather has been excellent thus far) I wanted to warm up a little by posting some swimsuit, and swimsuit spanking photos.


Do you think Derek Jeter gives Hannah Davis a bare bottom spanking when she’s out of line?  And speaking of Jeter supposedly he got engaged to this lovely model last month?  Talk about a guy who has it all, even with his baseball career over.

Swimsuit 2015: Tennessee Hannah Davis Blackberry Farm/Walland, TN, USA 8/4/2014 X158481 TK1 Credit: Ben Watts Swimsuit by: Dolcessa Swimwear

This girl got sand all over her bottom.  I think she needs a spanking to remind her to be more careful next time.

Swimsuit 2015: St. Johns Bodypaint Genevieve Morton NA/St. Johns, U.S. Virgin Islands 12/1/2014 X158909 TK1 Credit: Yu Tsai






It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this scene.  If I remember correctly the lovely Paris Kennedy and Christina Carter are getting a severe thrashing for wearing a swimsuit that’s deemed too skimpy.  After they are punished they are made to go back out into public with those swimsuits on, showing off their red bottoms.  How hot is that?!?!?  Puts me in the mood to track down that scene.







Taking some time to think about why she has been punished so so soooo severely.  Hoping to avoid such a punishment in the future.  Not likely 😛


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