The Spanking Zones Week 9 NFL picks

Lets see if we can finally put together an above 500 week!

Raiders visit The Steelers.  Raiders have been playing well this year.  They seem to have finally put together a competative team.  Not sure if they’re ready to go into Pitt and win, but I don’t think they lose by more than a field goal.  I’ll take The Raiders +4.

The Jaguars come to The Meadowlands to play The Jets.  After an embarrassing performance against The Raiders I expect that Jets defense to come out angry and really shut down that Jax offense.  The Fitzpatrick injury and the line scares me a little, but I think that Jets defense will get turnovers, and the offense will at least play efficient.  I’ll take The Jets -7 1/2.

The Rams visit the Vikings.  This is an interesting matchup.  Both teams run the ball well, and both teams play excellent defense.  I’m taking The Vikings -1 only because they are home.

The Dolphins come to Buffalo to play The Bills.  I’m surprised at how inconsistent The Bills have been.  But being a Cowboys fan I know all about how not having a competent QB can kill your team no matter how much talent you have.  Still coming off a bye and needing a win desperately, I’ll take The Bills -3.

The Titans go to New Orleans to play The Saints.  Saints defense was horrendous despite winning a game against the Giants, that looked more like an arcade game, than an actual NFL game.  With that said I don’t think the Titans can present anywhere near the same problems with their offense that The Giants did.  I’ll take The Saints -7 1/2.

The Redskins visit The Patriots.  I can’t see this game being in question at all.  And The Pats are not the type of team that have a let down.  The line doesn’t scare me at all.  I’ll take The Pats -14.

The Packers visit the undefeated Carolina Panthers.  Packers were a popular super bowl pick going into the season, but it looks like injuries may have finally caught up with them.  Carolina continues there perfect season squeaking by The Colts last week.  Have to go with Panthers at home, especially since they are getting points as well.  I’ll take Carolina +3.

The Atlanta Falcons visit the 49ers.  Atlanta has really been exposed as of late, and I think that San Fran will get a spark from this QB change.  They probably won’t win, but I think they will play well and keep it close.  I’ll the The 49ers +7.

The Giants go to Tampa to play The Buccaneers.  A lot of people around here like The Giants, which I guess isn’t surprising.  I don’t see it.  Giants defense it absolutely atrocious, and Winston is really starting to show why he was the number 1 overall pick.  I’ll take The Bucs +3.

The undefeated Denver Broncos visit the Colts.  Andrew Luck and the Colts seem to rise to the occasion in big regular season matchups.  They even kept it close and covered against The Pats.  I’ll take The Colts +6.

The Philadelphia Eagles visit The Dallas Cowboys for the Sunday night matchup.  Only 2 weeks before Romo makes his return.  Hopefully it won’t be too late by then.  Even with all of Dallas’s issues they are home, getting points, and The Eagles aren’t any good.  I’ll take The Dallas Cowboys +3.

The Bears Visit the Chargers for the Monday Night matchup.  Neither team is really any good.  I’ll take San Diego -4 because they are home.

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