6 losses in a row for The Dallas Cowboys

Just learned that, this is the longest losing streak for them in 26 years.  If my math is correct that means you have to go all the way back to the 1-15 1989 season.  Troy Aikman’s rookie season.

It’s not just the fact they’re losing which is bad enough.  But the painful fashion they continue to lose in.  Tonight, the Seattle game, and the Saints game come to mind as games they could have easily won.  With a healthy Tony Romo this team is 7-1, 6-2 at worst.  And please get Greg Hardy off this team already.  I like being able to scream and yell at the tv and root for my players.  Impossible to do with that thug.  I wonder when Jerry’s hand will be forced.  It has to happen eventually.  The whole Hardy thing infuriates me, and makes me even more infuriated thinking about some personal things going on in my life.

Even with Romo coming back, they have dug too deep a hole.  Don’t see them climbing out of this, even being in a shitty division.

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