When finding spanking references in unexpected places

I know speaking to other spankos, coming across a spanking reference or someone mentioning spanking brings on different feelings for us than the vanilla world.  I know for me, my eyes may bulge, I may get weird exciting feelings or if it’s in a vanilla setting with people around, there may be feelings of embarrassment.  The latest example for me is a reference in a book I’m reading for fun.  I had no inkling that any spanking reference at all would be brought up.

I would say most of us have had childhood heroes.  If I had to pick one for myself it would have to be Michael Jordan.  I just loved any thing to do with him, from the first time I watched him.  I’ve read countless books.  I have all kinds of videos.  Even now any kind of article he’s in I immediately read it.  Unfortunately back then there was no NBA League pass so I could only watch a handful of the games.  But I checked the score of every single game. His excellence and magical abilities on a basketball court is probably the main reason I became a big time sports fan.


Well a few months ago I came across this self-help book that made me think of someone, and thought it would be something that this person might find helpful.  Being that you need to spend a certain amount to get free shipping on amazon, I decided to buy a couple of books for myself as well.  The book that is the subject of this post is called “If These Walls Could Talk: Chicago Bulls.”  It’s written by a beat writer by the name of Kent McDill who is the only writer to cover the Bulls through all 6 of their championship years.  He tells all kinds of behind the scenes stories.  I’ve always been a fan of books that gives me a backstage pass into what went on behind the scenes.

Even with my admiration for Michael Jordan’s ability on the basketball court, and the way he seemed to carry himself with class with the media, he did have his demons.  He was angry, vindictive, a gambler, a womanizer, etc.  But those first 2 traits are probably what drove him to be the absolute assassin on the court that he was.  Well as big a fan of Jordan as I am there are a lot of stories in this book I never knew.  He had fears that really shocked me.  When he was young he was in the ocean with a friend of his, and the friend got caught in a current and tragically died.  From that day forward he would never go into water and never learned how to swim.  He wouldn’t even go near a pool if it was recommended to rehab for an injury.

The first thing I thought to myself when reading this is, wow that is really tragic and sad.  Second thing that came to mind is “WOW, Michael Jordan has a fear of something that I wouldn’t think twice about!”  Just amazing that someone I put on a pedestal(and admittingly still do) had his fears as well.  He is not quite the fearless superhuman that I thought.

Now to get to the spanking reference.  And not surprisingly Dennis Rodman is involved.

I heard a disturbance behind me and looked down the whole wide aisle between the video poker and slot machines and saw two tightly wrapped women waking in front of two tall men.  The men were Rodman and his personal bodyguard, whose name was George.

What they were doing with the women is this: the women would stop in front of Rodman and George, and bend slightly at the waist to point their backsides toward the men.  The men would then slap the women on the butt, and the women would prance merrily a few steps away with high giggles before setting up again for another slap.



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