This past weekend

A good friend of mine got married this past Friday.  I have had 2 situations where I have met a friend’s girlfriend for the first time and some how knew that, that was the girl they were going to marry.  I was right both times.  The first of the 2 got married a couple of years ago.  The second was this past Friday.  To say that they have hit some personal bumps in the road recently is an understatement.  That only showed how unconditional their love for each other is, and it didn’t change how special this day was for them.  I’ve known this friend since first grade.  He’s proven to be the most trustworthy, and loyal friend anyone can ever ask for.  The bride is a really sweet girl, and is so outwardly in love with my friend.  I am so happy for both of them.

I have recently been put on a email list for local spanking parties.  Unfortunately the first party since being added was also Friday.  By the time I got there the party was all but over.  I’m still glad I went.  Got a head start meeting a lot of awesome people.  Can’t wait until the next one.

Saturday was a normal work day.  Late that night I came across something very upsetting, and potentially damaging.  I did everything I can to contact the right people and have it taken care of.  I hope nothing came of something that could have been very serious.

Sunday was the usual for this time of year.  Football, football, and more football.

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