Week 11 NFL Picks

Coming off my worst week yet, I hope to rebound in a big way this week, and hopefully inch closer to 500.  Will be a tall order being that I haven’t had much time to study the match ups.


The Redskins visit the Panthers.  I have to admit I was shocked at how well Washington played last week.  But NO has maybe the worse defense ever.  They are stepping up in class this week and I see Cousins coming back down to earth.  I’ll take Carolina -7 1/2.

The Raiders visit the Lions.  Lions are coming off a very emotional win in Green Bay.  They haven’t won their since 1991.  Still they are not very good.  The Raiders are coming off some tough losses and I think they will rebound this week.  I’ll take The Raiders in a pick-em.

The Dallas Cowboy visit the Miami Dolphins.  ROMO IS BACK!!  Being the homer I am I will continue to do so, and blame in on law of averages!  If the Cowboys are going to even tease their fans with some hope they have to win this game, and then again on Thanksgiving.  With the state of the NFC East that could get them back in the mix.  First things first.  WIN SUNDAY!  I forgot what it feels like to see them win a game.  I’ll take The Dallas Cowboys -1 1/2.

The Colts visit The Falcons.  The Colts are in shambles and it’s a shame someone as talented and fun to watch as Luck has such a serious injury.  I know Hasselback won a couple of games, but doing so in Atlanta, against a desperate Falcons team is a tall order.  I’ll take Atlanta -4 1/2.

Rams visit the Ravens.  I was shocked at how bad the Rams played last week.  The Ravens are awful.  I expect The Rams to bounce back even being on the road.  I’ll take The Rams +3.

The Jets visit The Texans.  I think this game can come down to a field goal either way.  For that reason I have to take The Texans and the 3 points.

The Packers visit The Vikings.  Packers are really struggling, and it shows you can only overcome the level of injuries they have endured for so long. The Vikings have to win this game if they really want to be taken seriously.  I’ll take The Vikings in a pick-em.

The Buccaneers visit The Eagles.  Eagles are almost impossible to figure out week to week.  I have to take The Bucs and the 6 points.

The Broncos visit the Bears.  It is amazing what John Fox has been able to do in Chicago and how well he’s been able to handle Jay Cutler.  With The Broncos QB situation I’m shocked The Bears are getting a point at home.  I’ll take The Bears +1.

Bengels visit The Cardinals.  I expect this game to be close.  I’ll take The Bengals +4 1/2.

The 49ers visit The Seahawks.  The way Seattle is playing I wouldn’t give up 13 points against anyone.  I’ll take San Fran +13.

The Chiefs visit the Chargers.  These teams couldn’t be heading in more opposite directions.  I’ll take The Chiefs -3.

The Bills visit The Patriots on Monday night.  With the Patriots being so beat up and now the loss of Edelman I can see this being a close game.  I’ll take The Bills +7.



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