Photos with captions

Browsing for all kinds of spanking photos I’ve been coming across a lot that have some kind of caption or story attached.  Some are just a description of what’s going on in the photo.  Some say why the spankee is getting spanked.  I’ve seen others that show what is going through the mind of the spanker.  Others may have a caption but if you see the video it’s from you know it doesn’t fit.  If you haven’t seen the video you wouldn’t know the difference.  Some are funny.  Some have a more serious tone to them.  The photo by itself is usually more preferable for me, but sometimes a caption can add a little something.


1040921321       93fdbd89-241f-424e-a9db-6e6e74546f05


SC caption spanking wife does it with respect








How great is this scenario??








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