Have to talk about something that kind of annoys me

I generally try to be as considerate and accommodating as I can to people.  Especially those who I really care about.  I can also be a very giving person with no strings attached.  Like anyone there are times I make mistakes, and may do inconsiderate things, but I’m easy to talk to and quick to apologize.  All I ask in return is some loyalty, consideration, and forgiveness back.  Especially if I’ve shown myself to be truly remorseful.   Well a recent situation has shown me that, that may be asking too much with some.  A major pet peeve of mine is when someone tells me to learn from the experience and move on.  Again implying that the situation with the particular person being written about is beyond repair.  This bothers me, especially when no real damage was caused to anyone.  To be honest more damage was caused to me, than anyone else.

With that said I still really do care about this person and still want to root for their success, health and happiness, and hope that things one day can be worked out somehow.  The hurt and betrayal, I have felt through this is hard to describe.  People have gotten involved that really shouldn’t have.  When trying to communicate with some of these people, I’m either ignored or sent a response either nasty or condescending.  Then when I bring up these messages or demands, or profanity being thrown at me, I’m told that the person knows nothing about it.  All common sense tells me differently, however.  I think it’s just an uncomfortable thing for the person to talk about.  The only one truly in the dark about things is me.  I have nothing against the people who ended up involved either.  In their shoes I’d probably handle it the same way.  My issue is the situation should have never gone beyond the person involved and myself.  I’ll take some blame for causing that as well.

Now I’m going to get to the real irony.  I came across something that could REALLY have been damaging to this person.  I went out of my way to notify the right people and have it taken care of as quickly as possible.  Certain things I would never want to see happen to anyone.  Did I expect anything in return?  No.  Would have it been nice for this person to realize that I made a mistake I regret, and the stuff that followed was just one misunderstanding after another?  Yes.  But that was far from expected.  It did shock me, that I never even got a direct “thank you”  Was I foolish to think at least that was coming?  2 friends of this person, who are far from fans of me, thanked me.  An associate of this person thanked me.  The person who I went out of my way to try to help, and hopefully did??  NOTHING.  I know people are busy, things come up, and other things have to be put on the back burner.  It’s more than a week now.  And again I’m talking about a direct thank you.  More would be nice.  But not even that?  I guess what makes these things stand out even more to me, is I know how I would be in the same exact situation.  I guess that’s what makes the world go round.

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