Richard Windsor

When I created this blog I did it for many reasons.  First and foremost I needed a new hobby and something to do.  Secondly since I started following blogs I’ve enjoyed seeing the creativity, and all the different things people do with them.  Thirdly, it’s a nice place to talk about this particular interest, and share opinions, pics, videos, gifs, stories, etc., about it.  It’s also a nice platform to talk about whatever is on my mind.  If it stopped being fun, and an outlet to share opinions and things going on in my life, and instead felt like work, I would no longer blog.

This leads me to someone I have great respect for in Richard Windsor.  He does a lot of what I mentioned above, but is way more innovative and puts a lot more work into it.  He goes out of his way to find photos that have never before been introduced to the internet.  On top of that he works hard to learn the origin of the particular photo.  On his blog you can find photos that go as far back as the 40s!  Stealing photos without linking back or at least mentioning where it came from is something I’m sure a lot of people have to deal with.  Richard even has a very nice way of asking people not to do that here.

For those who never had the chance to meet Richard, I want to say that the persona you see on his blog is the exact same way he is in person.  Very nice and helpful.  If you’re new to the scene he will do whatever he can to help you feel comfortable and fit in.  He’s one of the biggest names in the scene and you wouldn’t know that from just talking to him.  He’s very humble and down to earth.

I look forward to all the things he will be sharing with us in the future.

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