Best of The Spanking Zone/Post #100

I know it’s a little early to do a best of post, being that this blog is only 3 1/2 months old.  However since this is the 100th post, I wanted to do something a little different and hopefully memorable.  I don’t think enough people follow this blog to do a poll or something so I’m just going to pick my top 5.

2 things I’m looking for when choosing a post.  1, it obviously has to be spanking related.  Second, it has to be one that I felt called for a little more work than others.  So here they are.


5.  Have to go with the cheerleaders post here.  Who doesn’t fantasize about taking a bubbly cheerleader, and flipping up that skirt, taking down those panties, and giving her a hard spanking??  Has to  be a dream scenario of at least most tops/switches.

dcc butt


4.  Going with “Winter is Coming”  Warmed me up on a very chili night in which I was have very chili thoughts.




3.  Jeans and Spankings!  Love tight Jeans.  So sexy!  Sometimes a little left to the imagination is great.  And unbuttoning them and pulling them down is absolutely glorious.




2.  Spanking in wrestling.  Lots or reasons I chose this one.  Firstly it kind of mixes mainstream with spanking being that wrestling has such a big following.  Second, those girls are really hot!  Third, I was big time into it, when most of those spankings took place.  And 4, putting together that post, was the highlight of an otherwise HORRIBLE day.


giphy (2)

  1. Number 1 by a wide margin is the post I did for Jillian Keenan promoting her book.  I have so much respect and admiration for that girl.  Being so out there with her kink, and being a mainstream voice for all of us, takes so much bravery.  It’s a shame all the crap she takes being as open and honest as she is, by ignorant close minded people out there.  I hope I am at least helping sales a little for her wonderful book!




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