A Minute To Vent About Common Sense

  1.  Person A confesses something.  Person B completely overreacts.  Person A gets extremely agitated.  Person B retracts, and confesses to jumping the gun numerous times.  Says “we’ll work this out” numerous times, among other things, that I won’t type out now.  Person A calms down, takes the scolding, and allows them self to do a ridiculous amount of traveling and planning for NOTHING.  Person B sees that person A has calmed down and the demeanor gets nasty and angry again.  For instance Person A almost closes a door that would have locked, and Person B screams at Person A.  Mind you another key was maybe 50 feet away, tops.  Not exactly the end of the world if the door did close.  So person A now believes that whatever person B needed to say to get rid of person A, was said.  No truth behind any of it.  Nothing else is logical really.
  2. If person A already knows that Person B and person they live with has completely opposite schedules, why would person A need to inquire about schedules to know when person B was home alone?  I can’t grasp that one.  Also all person B needed to do was have someone check the cameras to see that their theory was impossible.
  3. When person A says they are upfront and out there, they are talking about content in numerous emails mentioning their intentions.  Also they have reachable email addresses, phone numbers, etc., if needed to be reached and asked a question.  Person B can not claim the same.
  4. Person B likes to preach privacy.  Yet had no trouble being the first to involve other people in the situation.  Also saying repeatedly they didn’t talk to anyone about their business.  Yet also said that EVERYONE advised them against what person A really wanted.  So the obvious question is, which is it??
  5. If person B tells person C, D, E and F things, and then one or more of those people do things to damage person A, who’s responsible??  I know I have my opinion.
  6. Person A has things they want to discuss directly with person B.  They have no way of doing that.  At least no way that he chooses to explore at the moment.  Kind of hard to keep things between just the 2 under those circumstances.  If person A can get any relief from the constant mind spinning, by typing this out, that’s exactly what they will do.
  7. Person B wants to preach consequences, like person A is a child, who doesn’t grasp the concept.  Well person A believes there are consequences for throwing someone away like they are trash, when they would have run through a brick wall for person B.  Person A will continue to believe that.
  8. OK, rant over.  Back to spanking shortly.

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