More Dani Daniels

Browsing the stats of my blog, I’ve noticed that the one photo of her I posted has been viewed the most, and second place isn’t even close.  This surprises me, because I think of her as more of a porn star than a spanko.  However I can’t argue that she loves to spank/be spanked, has curves in all the right places, and is absolutely gorgeous.  So I’ve decided to listen to my viewers(or in this case pay attention to my viewers) and do a post about her.

My first memory of her was watching a video of her doing a lesbian scene with that cutie Lily Carter.  She was only doing lesbian scenes at that time.  Now she does hardcore, and more with guys.  I believe she is still yet to do an anal scene with a guy.  I do believe that on she’s done anal play with women.  I’ve also come across a lesbian scene with she and Anikka Albrite, in which she gives Anikka a hard spanking with multiple implements.  How much perfect ass can you have in one scene?!?

Just amazing.  What a duo.



This is one of my favorite scene with her.  It’s a scene with Sex and Submission on  You  can watch the preview on the link above.  Only thing is this scene is more than just spanking, so if you’re used to only seeing the normally playful Dani Daniels, and don’t like a full out NC fantasy scene, then stay away.


A few months ago I noticed she was topping with Firmhandspanking.  I know she’s been there a lot longer than that, but I hadn’t visited the site in a while.  I really wanted to see her bottom more than anything else.  Recently she did her first scene there as a bottom.  As soon as I saw that I signed up myself.  Not sure how many scenes she’s going to do, but just recently a scene came out where she gets spanked in the wheel barrow position!  Just glorious seeing that bottom spanked red.


A strict no nonsense Dani Daniels:


(With Belinda Lawson there.  So hot.  Has done may Scenes with Firmhand.)










A topless Dani going to work on Belinda!


A NUDE Dani going to work with the paddle.  That ass is begging for a spanking of it’s own.



images (1)


Ok, now what I believe most of you want to really see!



Are there words for this??  Just amazing!







I didn’t realize until recently that she worked with Chelsea Pfeiffer a while back.  Have to check out those scenes as well.  You can tell Chelsea doesn’t fool around!




Looks to me like she’s having a smart mouth with Chelsea there.  May not be a good idea.


Well there you go!  No shortage of Dani this time.  I’m sure I will be posting more of her in the future.



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