Week 13 NFL Picks

After failing to get my picks in last week, I was not going to let the same thing happen again this week.  Still trying to get above 500.


The 49ers visit the Bears.  The 49ers are one of the worst teams in football and going to a tough place to play.  I see the Bears winning by at least a touchdown.  I’ll take The Bears -6 1/2.

The Bengals visit the Browns.  I don’t see The Browns making this a game at all.  I’ll take The Bengals -9.

The Jaguars visit The Titans.  2 teams that are not very good.  I’ll take The Titans -1 1/2 because they’re home.

The Texans visit The Bills.  After a terrible showing last week, I see the Bills bouncing back this week at home.  Give me The Bills -3 1/2.

The Ravens visit The Dolphins.  The Dolphins are terrible, and I don’t see them beating anyone by more than a field goal.  I’ll take The Ravens +3 1/2.

The Panthers visit The Saints.  I can not see The Panthers first loss coming against the lowly Saints.  I’ll take The Panthers -7.

Seahawks visit The Vikings.  Seattle is clearly not the same team and The Vikings are getting 1 1/2 points at home.  Give me The Vikings +1 1/2.

Cardinals visit The Rams.  Cardinals are one of the best teams in football.  I’ll take The Cardinals -4 1/2.

The Falcons visit The Bucs.  Falcons are on an absolute Free fall.  Winston has Tampa headed in the right direction.  I’ll take The Bucs -1.

In a New York showdown in The Meadowlands The Jets play The Giants.  I think Dinosaurs roamed the earth the last time The Jets beat the Giants in the regular season.  That changes tomorrow.  I’ll take The Jets -1.

The Broncos visit The Chargers.  Chargers are horrible.  I’ll take The Broncos -4.

The Chiefs visit The Raiders.  The Chiefs are on a roll right now, and I think that continues tomorrow.  I’ll take The Chiefs -3.

The Eagles visit The Patriots.  I can’t believe the line is only 7.  I’ll take The Patriots -7.

The Colts visit The Steelers.  I don’t think The Colts win this game, but I think they will keep it close.  I’ll take The Colts +7.

A Monday night showdown between The Dallas Cowboys and The Washington Redskins.  Amazing how many prime times games the 3-8 Cowboys have had.  I think this game is a field goal either way.  These teams hate each other, and the better team doesn’t necessarily always win.  I’ll take The Dallas Cowboys +4.




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