A Little Holiday Cheer

One of the best things for me to do when I want to unwind and clear my head is go for a long drive.  Today while doing this I came across 2 neighboring houses, that were decorated as nicely and was as bright as I’ve ever seen.  I had to pull over and take a couple of pictures.  Unfortunately they came out horribly so I may go back and try again.  Photography is not a strength of mine.  I used the night vision which maybe was a mistake with all the bright lights?  IDK.  Maybe I’ll bring a real camera instead of trying with my phone if I go back.  Not sure, it was in some secluded part of Jersey, and a decent drive away.

So anyway, while I was pulled over failing to take quality photos, of these amazing Christmas decorations, this lady pulls over by me and asks if I’m alright.  I was pleasantly shocked.  These days to pull over at night to talk to any stranger?  I don’t even think I would.  But this woman did.  This brought on a real unforced smile for the first time in a while.  I told her I was fine, and just taking some pictures.  She smiled and seemed genuinely relieved, and said Oh OK!  I’ve been in a pleasant mood for the last few hours as a result.  Compassion seems not easy to come about, these days.

I may not have photos of those houses right now, but I will share some of the family tree.  I confess that tree is fake, but the way I see it, a tree is saved every year thanks to us!




The most important ornament:


My favorite ornament as a little kid.  Who doesn’t like goofy?!?!?  That thing is older than me.


I was trying to find the Dallas Cowboys one, but my sister says she thinks it might have been left in the box by accident.  UNACCEPTABLE!!

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