Week 14 NFL Picks

Coming off my best week thus far, it will be hard to repeat.  But let’s try.


The Steelers visit The Bengals.  This game is a coin flip to me.  I’ll take The Bengals -1 1/2 because they’re home.

Bills visit the Eagles.  Last week’s Eagle win over The Patriots was an anomoly.  I’ll take The Bills +1.

The Falons visit The Panthers.  The Panther’s undefeated streak almost came to an end against New Orleans.  I expect Atlanta to play them tough as well.  I’ll take Atlanta +7 1/2.

The 49er visit The Browns.  Another coin flip game between 2 terrible teams.  Because they are home I’ll take The Browns -1 1/2.

The Redskins visit The Bears.  I think The Bears win a close game by a field goal.  So I have to take the points.  I’ll take The Redskins +3 1/2.

The Lions visit The Rams.  The Lions lost a heartbreaker against GB last week, but The Rams are horrible.  I’ll take The Lions -3 1/2.

Chargers visit the Chiefs.  As bad as the Chargers are, The Chiefs normally aren’t the kind of team that blow teams out.  I’ll take The Chargers +10 1/2.

The Saints visit The bucs.  The Saints played well last week against the undefeated Panthers.  I don’t see them playing as well on the road against this up and coming Bucs team.  I’ll take The Bucs -4 1/2.

Colts visit The Jaguar.  Colts will continue to dominate that division.  I’ll take The Colts +1.

The Titans visit The Jets.  I’m having a hard time calling a lot of games this week.  Jets should handle The Titans easily especially at home, but something tells me this game will be close.  I’ll take The Titans +7.

The Patriots visit The Texans.  I look for the Patriots to rebound after last week’s weird loss.  I’ll take The Patriots -3 1/2.

The Raiders visit The Broncos.  I see the Broncos winning this game by at least a touchdown.  I’ll take The Broncos -6 1/2.

The Dallas Cowboys go up to Green Bay to take on The Packers.  Dallas has started to really get that pass rush going, and Green Bay has a lot of problems with their offensive line.  Surprise, Surprise, I’m taking The Dallas Cowboys +7.  And I’m putting my money where my mouth is, putting in a $50 moneyline bet.

The Seahawks visit The Ravens.  Another tough one because of the amount of points and The Seahawks are on the road.  But The Ravens are terrible.  I’ll take The Seahawks -11.

The Giants visit The Miami Dolphins.  Pains me to do it but I have to take The Giants.  Dolphins are horrible.  I’ll take The Giants -1 1/2.



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