Spanking Duos

Sometimes when I see 2 names together I make it a point to watch it.  It could be great chemestry, they are both really hot, or a combination of both.  The first that comes to mind when thinking about duos(not necessarily my favorite) is Amber Pixie Wells and Lily Anna.  Probably because they have done so many scenes together for multiple companies and are great friends in real life.  Might also be because I live in the north east.  As you will see as times goes on, some models I may think of in more than 1 duo.  The first 2 that I want to mention is Paris Kennedy and Christina Carter.  Probably the first 2 recognizable names for me, when I first got into subscribing to Spanking sites.  Both gorgeous.  Both great bodies.  I also like the contrast.  Blonde and brunette.  Christina is thick and curvacious in all the right places.  Paris is also curvy, but she is also more petite.









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