Quite a night last night

Was getting ready to go to a local party.  The girl who hosts is awesome, and someone from far away was in town, who I was excited to see again.  When I walked out of my apartment, my car wasn’t where I thought I had left it.  I spent more than a half hour walking around the area trying to find it.  It became apparent that the car was gone.  Either I somehow was half asleep and parked it illegally or it got stolen.  I will know most likely tomorrow.

Even this wasn’t going to keep me away from the party tho.  I would get there via mass transit.  Not fun tho.  I happen to be in one of the few places in The Bronx that isn’t right on top of a train station.  On top of train rides I was going to have to do a lot of walking as well.  Instead of it being a half hour to 45 minutes to get to my destination, it took about 2 hours.  It was worth it tho.  Was able to meet a lot of laid back nice people.  Didn’t play at all, which is fine.  I enjoyed observing, and getting a chance to talk to people.

Because of a recent situation, I’ve been more nervous and walking on eggshells a lot.  It was good to be reminded that there’s no reason to be like that around everybody.  The feeling of being so welcome by people who don’t know me that well, is like no other.  I hope there is another party soon.

I have heard that in the scene there are girls who will not play with guys who bottom.  As a switch, that is not something I enjoyed hearing.  Luckily that is not the case with anyone I have met.  When asking people about this, these are the comments I have received in response:

“Yeah there are some like that, but fuck them”

“Yeah, but those are stupid people”

“You have to be who you are”

“That’s so shitty, that some are like that”

So luckily it does exist, but not common enough to really worry about it.

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