It’s ALWAYS Something

So to celebrate getting my car back, I decided to go on one of those long drives to bumblefuck NJ, and see if I can find those houses I mentioned with those awesome decorations.  Either I went to the wrong street or the lights were turned off for some reason.

At any rate I was starving so I gpsed “Pizza.”  Strange that I found a 24 hour place called “Hamptons.”  When I got where the gps said it was all I could see was a liquor store.  So I went to plan B and clicked on “Louie’s Pizza.”  Again where the gps took me I didn’t see a pizza shop.  Strange, because I’m almost positive I had gone to that place before.  And again, ALL I SAW WAS A LIQUOR STORE!  With a 2 hour drive ahead of me, I was not in need of liquor.  I chalk this up to being  a fish out of water and going blind.  So now it was time for plan C.  “Enzo’s Pizza.”  Almost missed that place as well, because the center it was in, kind of sneaks up on you.  My stomach was hurting with hunger so I ordered 3 slices.  I could not believe how small those slices were.  And on top of that the crust was paper thin.  As someone who is used to Bronx pizza it was quite insulting.  At least it tasted alright, but barely hit the spot.

Also my car is abnormally loud right now!  Exhaust I guess?  Sigh….

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