The Cane

I have always had a fascination with the cane.  Both from the perspective of a top and a bottom.  All the years of watching it online, I always imagined myself in that place and what it would feel like.  There is a real intimidation factor to the cane.

I have only been on the receiving end of the cane with one play partner.  Even being very safety conscious she got the job done.  The best way that I would describe it, is that the cane sneaks up on you.  I know the first couple of swats I’m always thinking to myself “ok I can do this, this isn’t too bad.”  But then as they add up it’s more like, “yeah, ok this is starting to really hurt” as the unpleasant sting gets stronger and stonger.  And those welts continue to get darker and add up.  I’ve only wielded the cane lightly and over clothes.  I need to get more of a comfort level with it before I try anything harder.
















One thought on “The Cane

  1. Thank you for the pix and the narrative. I remember seeing a video some time ago of a woman, restrained, receiving a heavy caning. As the camer zooms in, and the master diddles her twat between strokes,we can see her wet soaking pussy. That image has stayed with me.

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