Blog Stats For 2015

A very short year being that this blog was created this past September.  I still wanted to reflect on some 2015 stats, and share some.  Some are surprising, others make a lot of sense.

Top 10 Views By Country:

10. Australia

9. Italy

8. Netherlands

7. Saudi Arabia (weird)

6. Mexico

5. France

4. Canada

3. Germany

2. United Kingdom(makes sense)

1. United States(I would hope so)

Top 10 Searches That Led to The Spanking Zone

Will actually be t0p 13 because I have a 8 way tie at the end

6. 8 Tied:  spanking dani daniels, swimsuit spankings, spanking red hot lauren, see through dress spanking, ella spanked, hot leggings spanking, otk spanking blogs, mic_ch1500

4. 2 tied: spanking gifs, dani daniels

2. 2 tied: spanking in books, the spanking zone

1. amber “pixie” wells gifs (this was a comon search of mine before I learned how to make them myself.)

Top 10 Most Viewed Posts

10. Naughty School Girls

9. Public Spankings

8. Fully Nude Spanking/Fully Nude Posing

7. Clothes Best For Spanking

6. More Dani Daniels

5. My 15+ Year Journey With Spanking On The Internet And How Things Have Changed(of all the posts this one probably took me the longest)

4. Random Spanking GIFs 4

3. Jeans and Spanking

2. Corner Time(Didn’t realize how much people love corner time)

1. Support A Wonderful Member of the Spanking Community by Pre-Ordering Her Book!  The Lovely And Articulate Jillian Keenan!(no surprise this post is number 1.  She is an amazing girl.)


Top 10 Photo Views

1o.  anthea1

6.(4 Tied)

OhhTeeKay - Harley Girl Gets Spanked - Christina Carter _003






4.  c31e526e71a78585a8bdf71e7118012b

2. (2 tied)









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