Wild Card Weekend NFL Picks

Going to get these in now before I forget.  With only 4 games to pick it woud have been pathetic if I didn’t get to it again.

Cheifs visit the Texans.  I see the Cheifs winning a close game, but I have to take The Texans +4 points.

Steelers visit The bengals.  Have to take The Steelers -3 with The Bengals missing their QB.

The Seahawks visit The Vikings.   I just think The Vikings are overmatched here.  I like The Seahawks -6.

The Packers visit The Redskins.  Redskins are playing well, Packers have been terrible and The Skins are home.  All that said I have to go with The Packers.  I just can’t see Rogers losing to Cousins in a playoff game.  I’ll take The Packers -1.

On one side note, the Powerball Jackpot is now up to 800 Million!

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