Results For NFL Wildcard Weekend’s Picks/Spanking Zone News/Powerball

All 4 road teams won, which is exactly what I thought would happen, but because I took the Texans and the points, and 2 of the other teams didn’t cover, I ended up 1-3.  That hurts.

So my Playoff record is 1-3.

And look at this overall record!! 55-55-5!  Think I should play 5555 on the win 4.

I’ve upgraded off my free subscription to the premium blog subscription yesterday.  I first started blogging first and foremost because I needed something new to do.  Secondly I have no spanko friends or anyone to talk to about the subject that live close by.  Thirdly it’s a nice place to vent about various things.  After about 4 months my love for this blogging thing has only grown.  And seeing that I broke a single day view and visitors record again yesterday, there are some people out there who like what I’ve been doing.  So it was worth the annual fee to upgrade, knowing that I will not be going anywhere.  Also I’m not sure how many annoying ads my viewers were subjected to, due to my free subscription, because as an administrator all it said was “viewers may see ads on your page.”  That should no longer be the case and I apologize for having to scroll through any before.  I also plan on doing a little customizing over time, to give a little bit of a less plain look, but most importantly I want to keep it simple for the viewers.

And how about that 1.4 billion dollar Jackpot!!  Will it be 2 billion by Wednesday night?  Seems among my circle of friends I’ve become the head degenerate.  Lots of texts asking if they could use my paypal to send money so I can make bets for them, and others asking about powerball draw dates.  I’m happy to be an important source of information! 😛

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