Chelsea Pfeiffer

I’ve seen some of her videos over the last couple of years, particularly a lot of the ones where she has spanked Pixie.  Love the space one with she and Ashley Fires.


Yesterday I decided to join her 2 sites and add to my collection.  I had mentioned in my porn star spankings post that one of the things I loved about Clare Fonda’s sites is the amount of well known porn stars she gotten to work for her.  The same can be said about Chelsea.  One in particuler that I really enjoyed seeing spanked is Carolyn Reese.  Beautiful blonde girl who is big and curvacious in all the right places.



008 (1)


There are also a lot of scenes with well known spankos.  As mentioned above Amber Pixie Wells, Sierra Salem, Alex Reynolds, Maddy Marks, Ashley Fires, Samantha Woodley, and many others!  I highly recommend Good Spankings, and Good Spankings Classics!

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