The Lovely, One Of A Kind Paris Kennedy

This post was motivated by a recent interview I heard here with Paris.  So much great stuff about her life, work, and how she’s changed and evolved over the years.  The hour interview flew by like minutes.  I wish it was longer.  My favorite part was the end when she talks about how she’s successfully turned away from drugs and is now sober.  I’m always happy to hear stories like this.  I can also relate to when she talks about people being unsupportive and acting like she’s no longer any fun.  I personally have never struggled with an addiction to substances(unless you count soda and other unhealthy foods and drinks), but I to this day still have people trying to force feed me alcohol when I’m in no mood to drink(2 words usually do the trick with this: I’m Driving).  So I was happy to hear that she ignores all that unhealthy chatter, and only focuses on those who are supportive.

I have mentioned before on here how long I’ve been a fan of Paris.  Since the early 2000s.  Has to be more than a decade at this point.  She and Christina Carter were the first 2 I used in my Spanking Duo posts.  My first exposure to Paris was in a spanking scene she did with Christina.  I believe they called themselves the Real American Brats.  She has also done other fetish work, and some mainstream hardcore porn.  She has her own website which you can see here.  For my fellow spankos out there she has worked on the Claire Fonda sites, and also Shadow Lane.  One of my all-time favorite scenes is one called Master of Paris which is a scene she did with Butch Simms(more than spanking in this one).  She has also done work on the Kink sites.  Paris is an even bigger wrestling fan than I am.  Her favorite diva is Trish Stratus, and favorite male wrestler is CM Punk.  2 great choices!  Even though neither are in the business anymore.











Update: Paris retweeted this on her twitter!  How special am I?  Yes, I am such a dork! 😛

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