Picks For The NFL Divisional Weekend

Last week I got all the winners right, but the spreads kicked my ass.  Lets see if I can return the favor this week.


Chiefs visit The Patriots.  Chiefs are playing really well.  I wish I put this in when the spread was still 5 but that doesn’t make to much of a difference.  Not sure if the Chiefs win, but I think the the score will be close.  I’ll take The Chiefs +4.

Packers visit the The Cardinals.  I think The Cardinals might be the best team in football.  They will destroy The Packers even with The Packers having Rogers under center.  I’ll take The Cardinals -7.

The Seahawks visit The Panthers.  Despite the great season The Panthers have had this is new territory for them.  I’ll take The Seahawks +1.

The Steelers visit The Broncos.  I think The Broncos will win but 7 is a lot of points.  Plus Peyton Manning is the king of 1 and dones.  I’ll take The Steelers +7.

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