Results For The NFL Divisional Round

The Playoffs have not been kind to me thus far.  Even worse for me this past weekend.     0-3-1.  That brings my playoff record to a deplorable 1-6-1.  And my overall record to      56-61-6.  Even if I go 3-0 in the remaining games(not likely) I’m going to finish the season under 500 overall.

2 thoughts on “Results For The NFL Divisional Round

  1. I know you picked my beloved Kansas City Chiefs to win. I took it on that one myself. The other games I did better. Denver at home, I took the Broncos. Cardinals are good, on a roll so I did good there. I thought Seattle’s experience would prevail against the Panther’s. I was wrong there.

    Next week I’m going with New England and Arizona.


  2. I’m with you on both your picks next week, but remember I play the spread, so I have to take a look and think about it.

    I didn’t necessarily think KC would win, but I thought it would be a field goal game and they would at least cover. The hail mary at the end of the Arizona game turned a push into a loss. Spread was 7 they only won by 6. The Denver game I pushed. And the Seattle game I was just wrong. I can’t remember ever being this bad picking playoff games.


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