The Cynic In Me

Can be a tough way to live.  The 1 good part about it is if you believe the worst and expect the worst you can’t be betrayed or feel like a sucker.  The event of and time frame of certain things the last couple of days has me scratching my head.  Like something I bought into is all a setup.  Feel like people knew about certain things a lot longer than they let on.  In a 16+ thousand word write up the same 2 or 3 points were brought up over and over.  Things I brought up were side stepped(something I’ve unfortunately gotten very used to).  The lack of patience and amount of anger thrown my way when I feel I went out of my way to be calm and respectful, but at times held my ground.  The way there was no real conversation, just the same agenda pushed over and over.  And today feeling like I informed certain people of things they already knew.  I’ve outwardly praised certain people, so other people know who I think highly of and respect.  If I’m onto something with this, I mistakingly gave out information I shouldn’t have.

At the same time there are things that make this conspiracy theory look like a real long shot.  Either way I’m comfortable with some of the decisions I’ve made as a result, and although I’m still not going to do things to the extent that people want me to, sometimes it’s good to regroup.

And on the subject of conspiracy theories, Politics are hot and heavy, and only going to get worse, so let me share one of my favorite political books from my favorite conspiracy theorists.



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