Well So Much For 5-8 Inches

WOW.  Winter decided to show up this year in a deadly way.  I take back what I said yesterday about the panick buyers.  And my condolances to all the people whose lives tragically ended due to this storm.  So I guess I know what I’m going to spend most of the night doing.  Shovel, shovel and more shoveling.  My car alone will probably take hours to dig out.

2 thoughts on “Well So Much For 5-8 Inches

  1. A Canadian! Do you mind saying what region?

    The reporting was so strange. Originally we were supposed to get something record breaking. Then the bad part was going to pass, and I saw 5 to 8 last I looked. And it winded up they were right the first time. I think 3rd most accumulation ever for this area.


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