Superbowl 50

Before I get to my predictions and some other thoughts, I wanted to just ramble about some random things.  I have mentioned having some car trouble recently.  Just seemed it was one thing after another.  Well on a positive note, it passed inspection, and my car was held for only an hour which is unheard of.  Being that I plan on doing a lot of driving from now through the summer, this is GREAT news.

I also wanted to mention once again, how much I appreciate my blog viewers out there.  I started this blog early September 2015.  For 2016 I already have more views and visitors, than all of 2015.  So again thank you.

Ok now onto the game.  A friend of mine has a decade and half old tradition of going to a Hooters up in Connecticut for the Superbowl.  For the last several years I have been joining him and other friends.  Always a good time.

As far as the game itself I’m taking The Broncos +6.  Usually the great defense beats the great offense in this game.  Carolina’s defense is good, but they are susceptible to the big play.  I have a feeling Sanders will have a HUGE game receiving, and Denver’s defense will shut down Carolina’s offense just enough.  I hope everyone has a fun and safe Superbowl Sunday, and good luck on your bets, boxes, teams you’re rooting for, etc.



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