Super Bowl Fun At Hooters

It’s more than a week now, but I still wanted to post about an excellent night.  Even tho I didn’t care about either team, I had a very fun night and won some money.  I was an absolute disaster with my NFL postseason picks but I nailed this Superbowl.  Some of us know how to have more fun than others as my friend proves here!


The girl on the right is originally from The Bronx!!

This game proves, yet again, that popular opinion and belief is not always the correct one.  On a vanilla forum I post on, I was the only one who confidently predicted Denver would win this game.  On sports radio the predictions were at least 3 to 1 in favor of Carolina.  For those of you not familiar with sports betting this may be hard to follow.  Instead of taking the points with Denver I put 100 bucks on the moneyline which was giving me 2 to 1.  Meaning if Denver won I would win 200.  But they had to outright win or I would lose the 100.  You get no points on a moneyline bet.  I also took Denver +6.5 and the under 44(meaning combined points had to add up to under 44) on a $50 reverse.  What this means is if I go 1-1 I still lose $50 plus the juice.  If I go 0-2 I lose $100 plus the juice.  Here’s the fun part tho.  If I hit both on this type of bet I win 4-1!  So obviously those bets right there got me off to a great start.

As anyone who likes to bet knows. the amount of prop bets that you can make on the Superbowl is endless.  The site I use had page after page, of different things to bet on.  A lot of “experts” say they are sucker bets.  So being that I’m a sucker, I figured I may be good at them.  Here’s what I try to do.  I try to find bets that give you at least 2.5 to 1 odds that I believe have a good chance of happening.  So to make the math simple lets say you make 3 $10 bets on props that give you at least that big a return.  Let’s say you only hit 1 of them.  You lose $10 twice, and win 25 once!  So you’re up $5 even tho you lost 2 out of 3 of your bets.  This strategy has worked well for me the last couple of years.  Not as good this year as last, but I was still up some money and that was with throwing away money on props I didn’t read carefully enough.

So now that I’ve bored everyone to tears with all that betting stuff, lets get back to the girls.  Do you think I’m guilty of a major rule violation by looking more at the girl’s bottoms than chest at a Hooters?  I’m sure I’m not the only spanko that has fantasized about a Hooters girl getting spanked.  Surely a lot of them are naughty enough to deserve one.  Off the top of my head Sarah Gregory is the only one who has fulfilled this fantasy.



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